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Why Us?

Royal & Unique Creativity

Annette's Royal Gift Wrapping, L.L.C. - Originated in Southfield, Michigan by Annette Jordan, Gift Wrapping & Crafts Boutique. We can ship gift boxes/bags to your door! Royal Handcrafted Gifts & Wrapping For Any Occasion or Event!

Handcrafted gift bags, boxes, gift baskets, jewelry, keepsake boxes, keepsake bags, and event planning and decorating. We will provide you wrapping fit for any event or Holiday need. You just let us your choice of colors, rather you want fabric or paper, and/or a theme. Maybe you don't have time to grab a card; we can provide you with a monogram card or card tag as well. All Fees depend upon the order you request and/or the size of your gifts. Orders are being taken via email/phone or our website. All special orders must be placed within a week notice or more, this allows quality productiveness. Remember; Handcrafted Creations Boxes & Bags' can be shipped to your door or the special someone door, so shop today! 

Handcrafted Reusable Fabric and Premium Paper Gift Boxes

Our Classic Reusable Fabric and Premium Paper Gift Boxes. Who would have known how well they blend? 

Our Story...

It was a friends 50th birthday when I received the idea to start my gift wrapping business, and the Spirit of the Lord said to: "sign the bottom of the bag, Annette's Royal Gift Wrapping". This gift set was the 1st thing I used for marketing. I was happy my friend loved her gifts and quickly she blessed my business with her love & prayer. She gave me a table for my 1st sale, and from there I began to create daily to help build my business.  

Annette's Royal Hope

Annette's Royal Hope:Help to give gifts to the less fortunate families during holidays

Be Apart of Sharing Hope


Annette's Royal Hope is organized exclusively for charitable purposes. Providing wrapped and unwrapped presents at Christmas, birthdays and other holidays or charitable events. Also, Annette's Royal Hope operates for the purpose of receiving materials and/or administering funds for charitable purposes as described in section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986(or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law). All funds, whether income or principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, shall be devoted to said purposes.
Annette's Royal Hope is a Non-profit Entity of Annette's Royal Gift Wrapping,L.L.C. "Let's Give Royal HOPE for The Holidays" today!
Visit our facebook page to join group for updates:

Let's Give Royal Hope for The Holidays

Click on PayPal link below, donate by choosing option "Annette's Royal Hope," then add amount you wish to donate for this cause. 

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